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It starts here!

Thank you to Hayden Le for setting up this blog for the economics courses. There is a lot of material (syllabi, past exam papers, lists of resources, topic outlines, web pages and google documents created by last year’s seniors) on the G12 economics blog, which I will gradually transfer across to here. If you have any suggestions as to what you would find useful, let me know.

The most immediate pressing need, however, is to set up optional classes (to cover one topic that is not in the IB syllabus and to practice answering extended response questions) for those planning to do the AP microeconomics exam.  Based on past experience, about three hours are needed. But everybody is so involved in other activities that it is very hard to find a common time.

I propose the following: (all classes will be from 3:30 to 4:30)

Lesson One: Attend on EITHER Monday April 28th (for those not in the jazz band) OR on Thursday May 1st (for those not in Kapour….is this the right word?). I will teach the same material twice.

Lesson Two: Tuesday May 6th (both the boys’ and the girls’ soccer coaches have given permission for soccer players to attend this session).

Lesson Three: Monday May 12th (there will not be a jazz band practice on that day)

I hope that all those who want to attend will be able to do so.