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Welcome to G11 students

In order to prepare for the macro test next week, you should:

1) study the rubrics and ensure that you know all the formulae required   rubrics G11 Test GDP & AD AS 2015

2) Look back over submitted worksheets and essays

3) Do the multiple choice practice questions and the formative worksheet, which were handed out last week

Review questions (AD&AS)      formative AD&AS       Extra Review MC Questions for MACROECONOMIC TEST

4) Work through the three AD/AS situations that the groups presented on Tuesday   Group (AP) macro questions

5) Study the relevant pages in the text book

There are three  power-points attached, which you may find useful. For the New Classical vs Keynesian power point only go up to slide 14.  You are not expected to understand fully  the Keynesian viewpoint yet.

Circular flow   (at this point in the course, you can omit slides 43 onwards)

agg d agg s

new classical vs keynesian viewpoint   Only go up to slide 18.  You are not expected to understand fully  the shifts in LRAS yet.